She’s a stunner; the runt of the litter, now 4 yrs old.

She’s A Stunner; The Runt Of The Litter, Now 4 Yrs Old. -

She’s a stunner; the runt of the litter, now 4 yrs old.


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  1. Our black cat was the runt, but she’s bigger than her mom now. Conversely, she went from being the bold cat to being a timid lil thing that only really likes my wife, me, and my cat/her mom.

  2. I think my baby is a runt. He’s way small for his age and I think he definitely has low muscle tone. Like if you’re holding him, you can’t drop him from a couple feet off the ground and expect him to land on his feet, he’ll just flop. He acts like jumping up on the couch is a huuuge feat. He fails half the time lol. But you wouldn’t know it from the way he acts. He’s my goofball. He never stops playing except to cuddle. And someone cranked the volume waaay up on his purr box. He’s my baby ❤️

  3. Awww, who’s a pretty kitty? I adopted my first black kitties in January and it’s interesting that one of they has a few white hairs right in that same spot. It seems rather common, now that I look for it. I wonder why that spot. What is your pretty little void’s name?



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