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Sloth Asks For A cuddle – Cutest Thing Ever!

This young woman is visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for a up-close-and-personal encounter with an adorable young sloth.

When she offers a flower as a tasty snack, the sloth seems interested, but not in eating. Instead she slowly makes her way over to the young girl for an adorable little cuddle.

Sloth comes for a cuddle
The young girl offers the sloth a fresh flower
Sloth comes for a cuddle
Interested the sloth starts to come towards her
Sloth wants a cuddle video
But it’s not the flower the sloth is interested in
Sloth wants a cuddle
Slowly the sloth comes closer
Sloth wants a cuddle
and then she makes her intentions known
sloth wants a cuddle
Much to the delight of the young visitor

Watch the adorable video of this close encounter below.

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Originally posted 2016-02-09 13:41:15.

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