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Sloths wearing Pajamas

We’ve not been around for that long but we’ve shared quite a lot in the past 6 weeks or so. Dogs dressed in superman outfits, cats in hats and dogs looking guilty.

Still, as our name suggests, one of our main loves is sloths and we’ll use this awesome creature as the focus for today’s post.

Yesterday we shared some pictures of sloths with Teddy bears from the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Today we’re going to cover the ultra cute side effect of some of the treatments carried out on these beautiful little mammals at the same sanctuary.

Mange as an example is a class of skin diseases caused by parasitic mites and unfortunately for sloths, they frequently suffer from this horrible skin condition.

Often the only way to effectively treat mange in sloths is to shave the majority of the sloths fur off and cover the sloths naked skin in a special treatment.


The guys at the sloth sanctuary then swaddle the sloths in wrapping to stop them from licking the cream off their skin. One tiny side effect is it makes the sloths look sooooo cute.


Check out the full video below:

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This article was originally posted on November 5, 2018 @ 7:29 pm


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