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Snoopy The Cat Pictures – So Adorable

A Cat named Snoopy, an exotic short hair, has enjoyed huge popularity on the Internet of late. He was born May 11, 2011 in Chengdu China, where he lives today with his mistress Ninh.

Snoopy gained international fame immediately after the publication of his pictures on the Chinese social network Weibo. Two months after the Snoopy’s debut,  photos of this funny cat had been downloaded by tens of thousands of people.

Snoopy today has millions of fans worldwide and many fan pages across the most popular social networks in the world.

The characteristic of this breed is short, flat muzzle, beautiful bushy tail and giant brown eyes helping to give that innocent look – the main ingredients of success for this fluffy star.

Check out these amazing pictures of Snoopy the cat below. He’s sooooo cute! Snoopy The Cat Pictures - So Adorable - Cute

Snoopy Cat
Snoopy Cat 31
Snoopy Cat

Snoopy Cat 29
Snoopy Cat 28
Snoopy Cat 27
Snoopy Cat 26
Snoopy Cat 25
Snoopy Cat 24
Snoopy Cat 23
Snoopy Cat 22
Snoopy Cat 21
Snoopy Cat 20
Snoopy Cat 19
Snoopy Cat 18
Snoopy Cat 17
Snoopy Cat 16
Snoopy Cat 15
Snoopy Cat 14
Snoopy Cat 13
Snoopy Cat 12
Snoopy Cat 11
Snoopy Cat 10
Snoopy Cat 9
Snoopy Cat 8
Snoopy Cat 7
Snoopy Cat 6
Snoopy Cat 5
Snoopy Cat 4
Snoopy Cat 3
Snoopy Cat 2
So to say Snoopy the cat is completely adorable is somewhat of an understatement. Take a few seconds to share Snoopy with your friends using one of the sharing buttons below Snoopy The Cat Pictures - So Adorable - Cute

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