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Stoner Sloth – The Australian Anti-Drug Campaign People Find hilarious

Stoner Sloth. A term you typically wouldn’t associate with the worlds cutest critter but alas it’s a term coined by the New South Wales Government in Australia for their latest anti drug campaign.

The Stoner Sloth character is leading an anti-marijuana campaign in the Australian state of New South Wales, targeting teenagers with the tagline “you’re worse on weed.”

The thing is, people on the Internet think this campaign is absolutely hilarious and I can see why!

Delilah The Stoner Sloth

The Stoner Sloth campaign is split into a series of three video’s starting with Delilah the sloth who’s struggling with her school work due to a liking for weed.

We then have Stoner sloth Jason (my favorite to be honest) who struggles to pass the salt due to his stoner ways.

Jason The Stoner Sloth Is Really Struggling With The Salt
Jason The Stoner Sloth Is Really Struggling With The Salt

Finally we have an appearance from Dave the sloth who’s not able to react at a cool teenage party where everyone’s holding red cups. All the sloths are presumably super stoned.

As you guys will know, we absolutely adore Sloths here at and if I was to imagine a world where a sloth was teleported from his home in the jungle into the shoes of a six-foot tall 17-year-old boy sat at the dining room table wearing a blue basketball shirt I recon the Australian government got it’s character choice spot on.

On the other hand.. It’s a sloth!!! Couldn’t the Australian government choose something a little less cute to stereotype?

The New South Wales Department of Premier of Cabinet (DPC) is credited with the campaign with official sources linking to Your Room, a drugs and alcohol information page. All in a good cause I guess but SLOTHS!!

Stoner Sloth Video Collection

Check out the compilation we’ve pulled together of the three stoner sloth ads in our video below:

Do you have a favorite Stoner Sloth? What’s your thoughts on the Aussie government’s use of one of the worlds cutest critters for their ad campaign? Let us know in our comments below.

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This article was originally posted on November 24, 2018 @ 2:10 pm


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