Teach Your Cat To Use The Toilet

Cats are already pretty clean but how awesome would it be if you could teach your cat to use the toilet.

I remember being particularly impressed with the gorgeous Mr.Jinx (featured above) from the movie “Meet the fockers”. In the movie, Mr Jinx the cat impressed all and sundry by using the toilet. He even used the flush!! Teach Your Cat To Use The Toilet - Cat

So how do you teach your cat to use the toilet? Check out the simple instructions below:

Teach Cat Use Toilet

So there we go!

As a cat owner you will appreciate the advantages of teaching your cat to use the toilet. It eliminates the need to buy cat litter (like ever) thus making real monetary savings.

It also means no nasty cleaning out cat litter boxes. That has to be a huge advantage. All you need to do is flush. The toilet also has more odor control than a litter box. The cat’s business is covered with water which is better than it sitting out in the open in a litter tray.

Wins all around then!

Have a cat or know someone who would benefit from a toilet trained cat? Share these top tips using one of the buttons below! Teach Your Cat To Use The Toilet - Cat

This article was originally posted on October 28, 2018 @ 8:49 pm


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