Teaching the kids how to fish

Teaching The Kids How To Fish!
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Teaching The Kids How To Fish - Teaching The Kids How To Fish Photo By

Teaching the kids how to fish!🐻🎣

Brown bears are the second-largest bear after polar bears. They are big animals with male brown bears weighing between 300 and 900 pounds. These big bears love salmon and other fish. In Alaska, Washington and Canada, they will stand in rivers and catch the fish in their mouths or with their paws.

North American brown bears are sometimes called grizzlies, they live in Europe and Asia too.

The little bear cubs in this picture posted by @mcentioli on Instagram; would have been born in winter and would be nursed by the mother bear as they are hibernating.

There is an interesting myth that Brown bear mamas have babies during the winter while they are asleep and they don’t even notice – waking up surprised that they have cubs. Although the mother bears metabolic rates are slowed by hibernation, they do wake up to give birth and care for the cubs as other mothers do.

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