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Teen Saves Baby Manatee And The Results Are Adorable

He is now quickly gaining weight and will eventually be released back in the wild where he belongs! If you live in areas with manatees, please be careful when boating. These really are amazing creatures.

This reddit user posted a beautiful collection of pictures covering the time when he was involved with the rescue of a baby manatee.

Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. When fully grown they measure up to 13 feet (4.0 m) long, weigh as much as 1,300 pounds (590 kg), and have paddle-like flippers.

Not this little guy though. This little baby was adorable and needed all the help he could get to recover after he was found malnourished and alone in a river, his mother presumably killed by a boat. Check out the pics and the story below.

Baby Manatee Rescue
This Little Man Was Found In The Waters Of Belize Struggling To Stay At The Surface After His Mother Was Presumably Killed By A Boat. An Adult Manatee Was Found Dead Nearby.
On The Trip To The Rehabilitation Center, He Was Wrapped In A Wet T-Shirt And Had Water Poured On Him To Keep His Skin Moist.
On The Trip To The Rehabilitation Center, He Was Wrapped In A Wet T-Shirt And Had Water Poured On Him To Keep His Skin Moist.
Baby Manatee Rescue
He Needed 24-Hour Support In The Water. He Had No Strength To Swim Or Stay Afloat.
Baby Manatee Tube Feed
The Next Day He Refused To Drink From A Bottle, So He Had To Be Tube Fed To Get Some Nutrients Into His Tiny Body.
Baby Manatee Pictures
He Soon Was Able To Swim Around And Would Only Require A Little Help To Get A Deep Breath.
Baby Manatee
He Became Quite The Cuddly Little Manatee. He Started Drinking From A Bottle And Had Quite The Appetite.
Baby Manatee Rescue
He Is Now Quickly Gaining Weight And Will Eventually Be Released Back In The Wild Where He Belongs! If You Live In Areas With Manatees, Please Be Careful When Boating. These Really Are Amazing Creatures.

Although the reddit poster clearly helped, he gives credit for rescuing the baby manatee to a group called Wildtracks. He says he was fortunate enough to get to play a tiny role while volunteering.

Wildtracks is extremely dedicated and very successful at rehabilitating manatees in Belize.  Please consider supporting them via their website at

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This article was originally posted on December 20, 2016 @ 8:08 am


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