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  1. I just lost my grandmother in January. Loki and her owner kept coming there her last few days, and spent all day and night with her. Loki is a sweet girl, and I’m so glad she was there to help all of us through the worst time in our lives.

  2. I work near her hospital and went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch most days before COVID….I said it was because the food is a good deal but really it was because I wanted to run into Loki. It seriously always makes my day. Her humans are always happy to let people pet her and take pics. A++++



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Me And My Boy, Wolfie, Just Vibin'. I Take Terrible Pictures So Sorry In Advance Lol.

Me and my boy, Wolfie, just vibin’. I take terrible pictures so sorry in advance lol.

So My Fiancée Is An Essential Work And Still Has To Travel A Lot (Makes Her Sad And Scared). When She Is Alway I Send Her Random Pictures Of Our Apartment And She Has To Spot The Loaf/Floof. It’s Like Where’s Waldo But With Our Cat!

So my fiancée is an essential work and still has to travel a lot (makes her sad and scared). When she is alway I send her random pictures of our apartment and she has to spot the loaf/floof. It’s like where’s Waldo but with our cat!