The greatest predator to roam this Earth

The Greatest Predator To Roam This Earth -

The greatest predator to roam this Earth

This article was originally posted on April 8, 2020 @ 11:33 pm


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  1. I read somewhere that domesticated cats that are allowed outside kill on average 7 animals per week.

    In the mid 2000s I had a cat that in one night left two squirrels on the back step, two mice on the front step, and was eating the ass off a rabbit outside my bedroom window when I woke up. He was a murdering bastard. And he was one of the greatest creatures I’ve ever known.

  2. Is that your cat’s tongue or is the lip black with pink in the middle? My furry beast has a black lip with pink in the middle. I haven’t seen another cat with a lip like his!



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