This is my cat Panda. She’s being put to sleep today at 12 years old and I really wanted to post her picture here while I could still talk in present tense. She is amazing.

This Is My Cat Panda. She'S Being Put To Sleep Today At 12 Years Old And I Really Wanted To Post Her Picture Here While I Could Still Talk In Present Tense. She Is Amazing. -

This is my cat Panda. She’s being put to sleep today at 12 years old and I really wanted to post her picture here while I could still talk in present tense. She is amazing.


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  1. I’m sending you some internet hugs. Goodbyes are heart rending. I hope you and your family get through the next few weeks with each other to lean on.
    Panda is a beautiful cat, and I’m so sorry hear that your time with her is over. ?

  2. Panda is beautiful and I love her name. I’m so sorry for you’re going through, it is so very hard. I hope all the memories you have made with her will bring you much comfort.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty cat! I had to put mine down last year in April and it still hurts so I can only imagine how much your heart is breaking ? ????

  4. I’m so sorry. What a beautiful girl. Find peace in knowing that you gave her the best life any kitty could ask for. Its the most difficult decision but we know its what is best for her.

  5. I had to put my 17yr old cat down in January. I’ve had him since he was 1. I struggled with the thought that I was killing my own cat even though I knew he was suffering. I know it’ll be hard but I stayed with him the entire time and that helped me accept that I made the right choice. They gave him something to relax him before giving the final injection. He was purring the whole time I was holding him until he took his last breath. He looked so peaceful. I knew he was in pain and I still miss him like crazy but the Vets office was awesome. They let me stay with him for as long as I wanted and they made an impression in clay of his paw for me to keep. That meant alot. They even sent a card with all the employees names and well wishes. I still have it.

  6. I understand that pain your feeling very well. They touch our hearts and souls and we are the ones blessed having the opportunity to have them in our lives. When mine was put to sleep, I clipped a bit of her fur and put it in a locket. So very sorry for your loss.

  7. She is absolutely beautiful! Please give lots of treats and scritches from her Reddit family before she goes.

    My deepest condolences. You gave her an extraordinary life with love and compassion.

  8. She is so beautiful, and she’s had a blessed life because of you. Today will be so hard, and you’ll miss her forever. Try to remember the happy times with her, which far outweigh the sad ones. Hang in there.

  9. I’m sorry… but even though it hurts, and it will hurt for a long time, knowing that you and your family gave a good life to a cat for such a long time makes it a little bit better…


    She loves you so much! Thank you for taking her in. x

  10. Just a little bit about her.

    My dad found her one day as he nearly ran her over, she was just a kitten and seriously malnourished. He took her to the cattery that was literally down the road he was driving on, thinking she’d escaped from there, but the people working there didn’t know who she was. They said she’d probably been abandoned by her mother, a feral Ragdoll like Panda, who people occasionally saw around the area.

    The cattery still took her in but they couldn’t keep her there for too long. As soon as my Dad told me all this I then started a literal campaign to try and get my parents to bring her home with us.

    And as you can see the 2 week long campaign from a stubborn 11 year old worked.

    God I’m crying typing this… My folks and sister are also a wreck. It’s hitting harder than I thought it would.



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