This is Olive, our 12 week old burrito

This Is Olive, Our 12 Week Old Burrito -

This is Olive, our 12 week old burrito


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The Red Ovenbird (Furnarius Rufus), The National Bird Of Argentina And Uruguay, Collects Mud And Piles It On Top Of A Tree Branch While Letting The Sun Slowly Dry It. When Completed, Its Characteristic Dome-Shaped Nest Bears A Resemblance To An Old-Fashioned Wood-Fired Oven, Hence The Bird'S Name.

The red ovenbird (Furnarius rufus), the national bird of Argentina and Uruguay, collects mud and piles it on top of a tree branch while letting the sun slowly dry it. When completed, its characteristic dome-shaped nest bears a resemblance to an old-fashioned wood-fired oven, hence the bird’s name.

He Does Not Understand How Hiding Works

He does not understand how hiding works