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Tiny Baby Sloth Can’t Stop Yawning!!!

Moses was an abandoned baby sloth rescued by a dog. After a harrowing journey on his second day alive, he is now relaxing – adorably – at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.


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Olga Baranova
9 months ago

Very cute 🐶

Jenna Van Dorn
9 months ago

No do not cry or else I will

Franz Ibrahim
9 months ago

Like his pig nose

9 months ago

Lucky boy. I’m glad that the dog didn’t bite him to kill.

matthew kerr
9 months ago

Sloths r the cutest 🦥🥺🥺🥺🥺

9 months ago


Vamanos Ninja
9 months ago

I want to see the nice doggie that saved him!

9 months ago

je ne saurai pas l expliquer mais il m énerve, sa bouche et ses yeux la une pure tete a claque

Caroline Victory
9 months ago

Sure is tiring being a Sloth!!!🙃

9 months ago

me litterly yawning after him :/

Nala Saiyan
9 months ago

It’s exhausting being that cute 😆

Layla B
9 months ago

sloths are favorite animal!
My friends went to costa rica.

Gambit X
9 months ago

Cook it and eat it

Eilish Hassett
9 months ago

He is so precious omg

Ijanea Riggs
9 months ago

His mother ain’t ish

9 months ago

My man Moses said "😛"

Sarkastic Chik
9 months ago

What a beautiful baby 😭😍

9 months ago

I swear to god amma kill those 55 people that dislike the video

This made my day btw

roopa denny
9 months ago

Yawning is contagious

Senad Redzic
9 months ago

Awwww soooo cuttteee

Ellie Belly
9 months ago

1:28 he winked!

Tonya Keldsen
9 months ago

I think he winked at me !

CD Projekt DOWNGRADE@sony/ms/ubisoft.coN

another questionable background story of a "rescue". Tell me uploader, how was the dog able to tell the story of what happened the sloth he saved?

Sarah g.
9 months ago

Hey gorgeous, love you😘❤️🥰

summer ravioli
9 months ago



9 months ago

He stopped yawning though.

David Murphy
9 months ago

Ah to be young…and also a sloth

9 months ago

Baby sloth can’t stop yawning!!!!

9 months ago

so did the dog tell it was just abandoned ?

Alizée Maton
9 months ago

I'd love giving cocaine to a sloth

Fray Jay
9 months ago

Wow what a cool dog picked him up and brought him to some humans

Asun Serrano
9 months ago

How did the dog manage to tell the rescuers the background story, that Moses fell out of a tree & was abandoned by the mother ?

Stella Vegas
9 months ago

Eu não entendo como alguém pode não gostar desse vídeo…
Não entendo…

Stella Vegas
9 months ago

Ele foi salvo por um cachorro ❤️
Que lindo! Eu admiro muito os animais não humanos

ino nil
9 months ago

2 minutes wasted watching Sloth Yawning.. Meh.. What am I doing on this earth?

John Ahn
9 months ago

Me whenever my neice and nephews want to watch a documentary

9 months ago

Such a smart rescue dog to carry him four hours across Costa Rica. :b

Salman Hussain
9 months ago

Not doubting anyone, but just curious, how did the rescuers know that the baby sloth fell from the tree, was 2 days old (and not 2 weeks etc.) and was abandoned by the mother (may be there is some other explanation)… Did the dog who carried him to the rescuers tell them all that ??? …

Princeofcups Poc
9 months ago

Muppet claws? Muppet claws!

J.A. M.F
9 months ago

Quit messing with natural selection, let it die, now it has to live as this pointless, barely mobile, defenseless D student creature

Flight Channel
9 months ago

Fallen out of a tree and then 4 hrs across the country? That's all reason to yawn! Goodnight! 😄😘

It's Pigs!
9 months ago

Cute! He yawns even more than our guinea pigs.

9 months ago

not to be dramatic but I would fucking die for Moses

9 months ago

Какой шладкий соня!😃🤗🤗🤗

Angelus Nielson
9 months ago

I was feeling Meh and then I saw this viedeo.

Megan Dunn
9 months ago

Okay, I want to see 5-year-old Moses, please. Thanks.

9 months ago

He was abandoned by his mother. That's why he was named Moses. ❤

Moraru Rares
9 months ago

And We can't stop Awwwwwwwing !!!!!



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