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Tiny Baby Sloth gets the Onesie Treatment – ‘Meet The Sloths’ Animal Planet

In a sleepy corner of Costa Rica there is a very peculiar but extraordinary sanctuary. Run by Judy Avey-Arroyo for 20 years, this is the only sanctuary in the world devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths, and is home to over 160 of them, some of whom have become an internet sensation.

This article was originally posted on February 26, 2020 @ 2:29 pm


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  1. OK but pleeeease look up the horrific treatment that this conservatory gives to its many sloths. It's a true hellscape in this place. Please take this video down or edit the description to reflect the fact that almost no sloths are returned to the wild and that both of these baby sloths died a few days later.

  2. If an animal is severely infested you can't kill mites by "buttering it with remedy" because they dig themselves/their eggs into the skin. Mites are very resistant. Nothing helps except medicine of the Anthelmintic-group (Selamectin etc.) which is usually applicated as a light fluid that dries immediately on skin. No pyjamas needed!



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Toes Tuesday!!

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