Trail kitty

Trail Kitty -

Trail kitty


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  1. I’d like to try to walk my cat…any tips on how to get Paco use to the harness and walking? I don’t want to traumatize the poor thing by dragging him around…

  2. I wish I could walk my cats but I’ve already lost four to snakebites and am terrified of letting them go outdoors at this point.

  3. Just ordered a harness for my 4 month old kitten! Too bad it’s going to take almost a month for amazon to deliver it ?

  4. So your cat looks pretty small, so may I ask how much he weighs? I bought a “small” harness for my 6.5lb cat and even as tight as it gets it just doesnt fit right like that.

  5. I’ve tried to take my cat outside on a leash and for some reason he always walks really low to the ground and he gets scared outside

  6. These eyes! These eyes!

    These eyes, are crying
    These eyes have seen a lot of loves
    But their never gonna see another one like I had with you

  7. Oh! I have a photo of my black kitty in a harness on a leash standing on a log! I want to post it here! I don’t see how to attach pix to a comment! Somebody help! I know you want to see that pix!

  8. What happens with the bacteria and stuff when they step in moss/dirt and lick them? Any special vaccine?

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