Trevor The Baker 🍪

Trevor The Baker 🍪 -

Trevor The Baker 🍪


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  1. I read that as barker, then read baker and realized I’m fine with either…sweet pup-pup.
    On a side note I recently was adopted by a mini-dachshund and forgot how much they love to bark.
    In fact, she is barking as I type this…



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This Is My Cat Panda. She'S Being Put To Sleep Today At 12 Years Old And I Really Wanted To Post Her Picture Here While I Could Still Talk In Present Tense. She Is Amazing.

This is my cat Panda. She’s being put to sleep today at 12 years old and I really wanted to post her picture here while I could still talk in present tense. She is amazing.

We Brought Home The Snuggle Monkeys Yesterday. Best Friends That Couldn’t Be Separated.

We brought home the snuggle monkeys yesterday. Best friends that couldn’t be separated.