***UPDATE*** Merlin is home!!! 🐾🐾🌭

***Update*** Merlin Is Home!!! 🐾🐾🌭 -

***UPDATE*** Merlin is home!!! 🐾🐾🌭


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  1. Glad he is on the mend! The younger of my two long dogs had the same issue about a month ago: started with vomiting ended with passing blood which required a trip to the ER at 1am. A bunch of fluids via IV and some antibiotics and he bounced back within 24hours – and he wasn’t in good shape when we took him in: dry warm nose, lethargic. Vets said he was in slight shock. So here’s to hoping Merlin is right as rain real soon!

  2. Sending all the good Doxie juju we can. We have mini reds, something about these dogs just gets ya right smack in the center of the heart. Merlin is absolutely beautiful and we hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. ?✨?

  3. If darling Merlin still isn’t eating well, try feeding him a couple of spoons of canned 100% pumpkin. If you can’t find that, pumpkin baby food works. I’m not sure if you can find canned pumpkin in the UK, but I think you can get pumpkin baby food at Asda.

  4. I am so happy he is home and I hope he gets better soon. I think he will be ok with some TLC and a special diet. He looks like a sweet pup. Sending hugs and well wishes to Merlin and Family.???

  5. When he’s able to eat again make him some homemade chicken and white rice. My vet suggested when my little doxie was sick with same condition. Works wonders! Pray for speedy recovery for you lil man.

  6. So after a long day of tests, an xray, and lots of waiting, Merlin has been diagnosed with haemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Hes got lots of medicine and a bald neck where theyve taken blood, and a follow up tomorrow morning with the vet. We’ve been given the out of hours number in case he deteriorates overnight. But the main thing is….hes home ???????



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