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Even majestic Owls need to scratch sometimes.. or perhaps it was a sneeze? What do you think? 😊

This is a Ural owl. The Ural owl is a fairly large nocturnal bird of prey. On average, it ranges at about 19.7-23.2 in (50-59 cm) in length, with a wingspan of about 40.5-48.8 in (103-124 cm).

Both its common name and scientific name (strix uralensis) refer to the Ural Mountains of Russia where this bird was originally found.

The Ural owl has a broad, rounded head with a correspondingly round facial disc, barring a tiny V-shaped indentation as can be seen in this capture by @zacekfoto.

When chatting to each other, Ural owls communicate through body gestures like wing flapping and with their distinctive calls. Their contact call and alarm call can be distinguished from each other by the nature of the song. One is rhythmic deep and follows a regular interval pattern while the other is rather harsh and sounds like high-pitched barking.

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