Vertical glass maybe harder to navigate

Vertical Glass Maybe Harder To Navigate -

Vertical glass maybe harder to navigate


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  1. My cat got stuck like this once in my fourth story apartment. I heard him crying, and when I found him in the window, he had pissed himself out of fear. Not a proud moment for him. That did not stop him from doing it again, however.

  2. My cat *tries* to do that sometimes. He’ll shove his face between window glass and screen as though that will make him outside instead of inside. This cat looks exactly as distressed as I’m sure my cat would be if he succeeded.

  3. That’s why you’re supposed to secure your windows before getting a cat. They are very prone to climb into narrow spaces, get stuck and injure themselves or worse, die. Please make sure you’re kitty is safe in your home! 🙁



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