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Werewolf Dog Muzzle Transforms Cute Pooch Into Demonic Hellhounds

If you’re afraid to walk your dog at night (and your dog is the kind that would rather lick the attacker than protect you) – this werewolf muzzle is for you! The Russian-designed dog muzzle sells for about 30 USD and permits your dog to slightly open its mouth, allowing it to pant. It is made from non-toxic plastic and nylon.

Marina Kurulyova became an internet sensation after she posted a picture of her own dog, a giant Schnauzer, wearing the muzzle to the internet. Discussing the product in Russian, the dog lover said: ‘This muzzle is just a comic alternative. It is rather made for fun than for training.

‘Our friend has bought the muzzle for her dog, a Doberman, and we just tried it. That is how such a photograph was made.’

Captured on camera, the Schnauzer and the Doberman model the werewolf muzzles and look every bit as terrifying as you would imagine while on a regular trip to a park in Moscow.

Werewolf Dog Muzzle Werewolf Dog Muzzle Werewolf Dog Muzzle Werewolf Dog Muzzle

Werewolf Dog Muzzle Werewolf Dog Muzzle Werewolf Dog Muzzle

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This article was originally posted on February 1, 2016 @ 10:54 am


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