What Do Sloths Eat?

Just A Baby Sloth Chewing On A Flower -

What Do Sloths Eat? - Just A Baby Sloth Chewing On A Flower

How cute does this baby sloth look chewing on this flower – 😍😍 Ever wondered what sloths eat more generally?

There are 6 species of sloths and these are categorized into two types based on the number of twos; specifically, the three-toed and two-toed sloths.

What Do Sloths Eat?

As sloths tend to eat very slowly, an adult sloth consumes only about 0.35 kg of food a day.

Three-toed sloth feed on leaves, some soft twigs and flower buds like the little guy in our picture. Like the three-toes sloth, the two-toed sloths are also a herbivore (primarily). They feed mostly on leaves though in some circumstances, (shock horror) two-toes sloths may also feed on meat and animal matter drawn from insects, bird eggs, lizards, and baby bird nestlings/chicks.

So these super cute sloths are sometimes meat eaters!!! Did you know sloths eat meat?

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