Why Do Sloths Smile

Every wondered why sloths seem to smile so much? Are they happy or just really content all the time?

Truth be told – even though sloths do indeed smile (as can be seen in the photo of this adorable guy) It’s actually the facial structure of a sloth that gives the appearance that it is constantly smiling

When it comes to these most Adorable of animals, even if a sloth is experiencing pain, stress, or anxiety it will often still smile. This is the reason why sloths are often used as a photo prop for ‘wildlife selfies’ as tourists accidentally assume that the smiley sloth is having as good a time as they are.

The sloth in this picture was recently rescued so I’d like to think it’s a genuine smile. Please keep in mind the happiness of a sloth the next time you’re presented with a photo opportunity though.

The Smiley sloth you’d be offered to cuddle for a small fee, may not be as happy about the opportunity as you’d first thought.

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