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Wild Baby Sloth – Costa Rica

Watch an adventurous wild baby sloth learn the ropes in Costa Rica. A quick (and ridiculously cute) behind the scenes look at my image “Learning the Ropes”

This article was originally posted on March 31, 2020 @ 4:01 pm


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Sinikka Granville
9 months ago


Islomjon Yunusov
9 months ago

A few moments later….

William Griffin
9 months ago

alot of these sloths live in the LImon area.. tho some as close as Turrialba.

9 months ago

The most beautiful video I've ever watched

Grace Maldonado
9 months ago

My goodness! 🥴 How interesting would be to watch on an evacuation crisis !

Jai Singh
9 months ago

They are so adapted to trees…. Literally almost their whole life in the tree. Look how adapted they are to exist on those brances as effortlessly as we sit on the couch.

Pancake 247
9 months ago

Sooo spcute

Manuel Calder
9 months ago

Muy lindo éste vídeo tan precioso saludos cordiales para todos desde Nicaragua C A

east bay archive
9 months ago

Right on

David trueslayor
9 months ago

That's incredible I want to interact with these sloths so bad it hurts.

9 months ago

Bug on its nose, that was cute

Sarah Riedel
9 months ago

So sweet…baby givin mama cuddles.

Szab S.
9 months ago

First I thought the video was slowed down by 90%…

9 months ago

So cute 🙂

Vegan Junction
9 months ago

Aw 😉



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Baby Sloth Learning to Climb

Baby Sloth Learning to Climb

Is being a bookmark a job?

Is being a bookmark a job?