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Wisteria Flower Tunnel Japan

Located in the Japanese town of Kitakyushu, a 12 hour drive from Tokyo Japan, you will find the beautiful “Kawachi Fuji Garden”. One of the main attractions is a tunnel created entirely from the flowers of the Wisteria plant (Wisteria Tunnel).

The Wisteria Flower tunnel allows visitors to walk down the attraction exploding the colors of the enchanting Wisteria flowers.

30-Wisteria Tunnel
29-Wisteria Tunnel
Wisteria Flower Tunnel

Wisteria or Wisteria – one of the most beautiful climbing plants, is a large deciduous woody vines with rigid trunk. Wisteria flowers with delicate sweet flavor, are collected in large hanging brushes of various colors: white, blue, purple, violet-blue, purple, pink or purple.

27-Kawachi Fuji Garden

26-Kawachi Fuji Garden
Olympus Digital Camera
24-Wisteria Tunnel
23-Kawachi Fuji Garden
Sony Dsc
21-Wisteria Tunnel
20-Wisteria Tunnel
19-Kawachi Fuji Garden
18-Wisteria Tunnel
17-Kawachi Fuji Garden

View from above the frames that support the Wisteria flowers

16-Kawachi Fuji Garden
15-Kawachi Fuji Garden
14-Kawachi Fuji Garden
13-Kawachi Fuji Garden
12-Kawachi Fuji Garden
11-Wisteria Tunnel
10-Wisteria Tunnel
9-Wisteria Tunnel
Sony Dsc
Sony Dsc
6-Kawachi Fuji Garden
5-Kawachi Fuji Garden

The height of this plant is 15 meters, which allows you to create huge skeletons to support vines.

4-Kawachi Fuji Garden
3-Kawachi Fuji Garden
2-Kawachi Fuji Garden

To see the garden in full bloom, it is necessary to come here closer to the middle of May. Every year wisteria bloom so magnificently, but even later in the year, these vines create a  very beautiful pictures in this wonderful garden.

Yashica Digital CameraTo say these Wisteria flowers are beautiful is somewhat an understatement. I certainly wish I had a garden big enough to support something so amazing!

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