You’ll do fine, Simon

You'Ll Do Fine, Simon -

You’ll do fine, Simon


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  1. “Well, now, Simon, you have done quite well this quarter. Let’s see:


    Tiny — CHECK

    Teeny mews – CHECK

    Noseblotch – CHECK

    Sits on chairr – CHECK.

    All very good! We’re looking forward to seeing you grow into the position. Good job!”

  2. He needn’t be. His illegally smol track record has preceded him and daily he gives management the confidence that he’ll be the right kind of employee for that organization.

  3. Simon, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to let you go. You’re a great employee but it’s just not sustainable or even efficient for us to have you taking up one entire office chair when it could actually fit twenty of you. Now, if you would be open to a job-sharing arrangement we could work something out.



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